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The English Open 2013: White Belt Highlights from Dan Lewis (Eat Films) on Vimeo.

The English Open 2013: Day 2 Highlight from Dan Lewis (Eat Films) on Vimeo.

January 2011

Another great start to the year.

Dave ‘Flameboy’ Broughton, Dougie Fresh, Gandhi Burgervan, Guvna & I went to compete at the IBJJF Euros in Lisbon. Our journey began at Gatwick Airport where we were joined by Sam ‘Benjamin Franklin’ Gibson, AFS Carlson Gracie. With our new recruit onboard, the first mission was to claim our transport. With our Sleasy Jet Speedy Boarding Passes, a must for the discerning BJJ budget globetrotter. Once onboard and as soon as Gandhi had caught the eye of the camp trolley dolly, we gently persuaded him to alert all fellow travellers with the traditional shout out of Carlson Gracie OSSSSSA! Our first moral victory was in the bag!

Day one, Gandhi was first up, only to lose to a terrorist arm bar attack! I still think you were set up by the people who wanted to sell you on the internet. Day two, the Blues. Dougie, Guvna & me!

Doug, just as soon as he stepped onto the mat was invited to triangle central station. This in itself, for all those who know Doug, is NOT an easy mission. Not that this was destined to stop our Carlson Gracie unit, nearly three minutes of repeated hostage negotiations and escapes Doug decided it was about time that he showed his opponent that Carlson Gracie never goes to sleep on the job. He exploded from the triangle and went to war… his opponent went for the stall and time was called to an advantage point for the triangle attempt.

Guvna, well little did we know but our Guvna had been wearing a strap-on for the past couple of days! Not the type of aid you are thinking about but the new technology that Dave had recently found us to keep our body parts from falling off. This consisted of a full knee taped support which covered a significant tag that Guvna had picked up a week before comp. Anyway, if you know Gunva & the Carlson Gracie boys then you will know that we eat injuries for breakfast with left over curry & cobra and they never stop us from stepping on the mat and raising hell. Only this time we were without our key, Russ Hell Boy Grant!

A good fight, but the injury took its claim just before Guvna could engage the wrath of Broughton and the spicy sausages he eat the night before which prevented his escape to victory.

Me, I hear you cry, Muttley back on the mats, well yes kind sirs, it’s been a while for me, shoulders falling off, nerve damage & what not but I thought I had nothing to lose. Well I did, and I do but I wanted some definitive direction and to kick start my return to the mats and what could be better than the Euros……It’s a different kind of pressure at the Euros, but that’s another story.

I wanted my first fight to be with the current Dutch Champion as I had been studying his fights on you porn, oops, you tube! I liked his game, and deep down I knew that I could smash him up. If you read this, then yes, I would like to fight you soon, before anything else falls off. However, my fight with him was to be adjourned to another day as I had been picked to fight a fine fellow from Najah. I knew what I wanted to do and how I was to achieve my goal. He was reluctant to touch gloves so I engaged two cheeky take down attempts and on the third I got tagged in the face as we both came together, it was indeed time to jump guard.

We went to the floor and I went for the sweep and immediately realised that whilst I had been pissing around with take downs that this gentleman had grown foundations at least six foot deep and his base was not to be compromised. Scissor sweep……err nope, break his posture and work some chokes……man his joints were made of concrete not a weakness anywhere. His guard pass was good but I wasn’t going to give this up not until I could see something I wanted. He then made it to half guard. I then reversed this,he then pulled guard and I went for the smash pass. I could hear my team now, something that’s always with you on the mats is the sound of their passion, them going crazy. This always seems to centre me, a great thing indeed.

Unfortunately, whilst my brain had engaged this tactic my shoulder was not going to perform such a favour and decided to lag more than a 56k modem downloading midget porn for Dave, where’s technology when you need it, why didn’t I have one of Guvna’s strap-ons? To end my ordeal Mr Najah fought to side mount and secured the points for his win.

Now, a little interlude. I went to the Euros to get direction and as much as I was disappointed, direction I have gained massively, together with a passion bordering on madness to improve my game. Dickie recently made a statement ‘the only way to lose is to stay at home’ So my friends if you are reading this and are not raising hell on the mats then an arm chair warrior you will always be.

Now for the Carlson Gracie Team 101 lessons. Sam Gibson, just turned 21, AFSCG Purple belt. His first trip abroad and he was with his new family. Watching Sam fight is awesome or ‘sick’ as he would say! A credit to his father, instructor and team, not forgetting Dave Prawn. You can learn a lot from someone like Sam, his wisdom is great in many things and you can see this from the way he fights. His first win was text book, not to Sam though, highly critical of his own performance, always striving to improve.

Now for Dave. Let’s ignore his Gold Medal as this was him at his finest, enough said. This brings us onto his performance in the team events. Now it’s not often that you can sit and watch a Carlson Gracie 101 and it’s bold to say you will not often see such marvel. Every move Dave made in his fight we the boys made with him already knowing the next would bring his opponents impending doom and the eventual outcome of the match, the submission, a Gi Peruvian Necktie Rodrigo Medeiros style. As Sam would say SICK.

Sam went on to fight the teams & Dave Prawn showed us why he is still one half of the Guns Brothers. Jamil if you read this then get back on the mats, feel free to come teach me a lesson for my ignorance, our door in Tonbridge is always open.

Many other stories including the storming of Castle Gracie, Karting Gracie and the ‘is there a ploblem with the lifts’ may indeed follow.

Carlson Gracie Junior, Dickie, our Brothers from Hungary, Demi, Ryan all the Carlson’s Boys from Camberley and London, you know.


It's here again, the older Brother of the Kent Open takes over to host the largest BJJ Competition in the UK.  Over 500 will battle it out for medals at the prestigious Dartford Judo Centre.  Good Luck to all those competing

'When we are on the mat it's a war my friend, it's a war!'

July 2010

It seems like it’s been ages, well it has, just over six months without anything BJJ.

As some of you know in December last year I crashed out to a Brachial Plexus Injury. At first I thought this was an acute case of 'Robot Neck' if only! Now robot neck can be painful, and can go on for a few days so I just thought I’d take a few days out off training and return the following week for Curry Friday…… No such chance, within a week I started losing sensation in my shoulder, and got a pulsing in my bicep. The pain in the back of my neck/shoulder was crazy!

Now, I’ve smashed two disks before, broken many bones but this was simply the worst pain ever. Nothing seemed to touch it, I even resorted to necking the old girls heavy duty anti-inflamatorys with a drop Co-Codamol ‘Retard’ Strength, chased with a few Diazepam for that extra special dribbling sensation. Not a chance, couldn’t sleep for pain, work just sent my shoulder into more spasm, great little Christmas present I had given myself.

Well, after drowning my sorrows for a few weeks, what with all the Christmas spirits & all that I decided to venture to the Physio. Nice one, £40 for nearly an hour’s worth of torture. I swear I cried twice with pain from the manipulation, I thought that my neck was going to snap at one stage, sure he was trying to create me a new blow whole! One time I came in, we checked the lack of mobility of the shoulder, could only hold my arm out in front for maximum of three seconds, then it gimped right up! Anyway, he gives my neck & shoulder a good kicking, gets up, goes out the room and returns with some old sweaty beach towel, sticks this on my neck & shoulder and then goes off for a dump or something!?

That was it for me, best I get myself referred to a specialist.

I managed to secure an appointment with the local Shoulder Witch Doctor, only to find out he was the bloke that I always tried to avoid down the gym. No offence, let me explain, 6.30 in the morning seeing some geezer head to toe in a spandex cow print all in one, doesn’t exactly encourage me to be that sociable, if you get what I mean. Anyway, he always seemed to train hard so he did have my respect in that regard, just not a fan of the spandex all in one!

So, I gave him a proper fierce handshake, with the good arm just to establish my aversion to his taste in spandex, “No need for introductions” he said “I know you already” I stepped back with the image stuck in my head of him in the cow print, not in his three piece suit, hope he's not wearing it underneath?

X-rays, MRI, some dodgy hook yourself up to 240V and poke you with a knitting needle torture to see if you piss yourself, only to be told that it matched my initial ‘Google’ neck & shoulder injury internet diagnosis, which was free. He cost me £180 for every 15 minute visit, & the bloke was late for most of his appointments. He said that there wasn't a great deal he can do as there was no lasting compression but the damage could be permanent, the pain might subside and if I wanted to spend more money then he could refer me to someone else for them to tell me the same. MoooooO!

Well it was about then I decided to take control and try & get myself together. I re-designed my weight training around the injury, and have edged myself back into BJJ. It’s been about a month now and even though my shoulder is still not really my own, I’m getting back into the swing of things.

It’s amazing what I have lost, about half the size of my better arm/shoulder and a major part of my BJJ ability. Not that I had much but, feel so rusty, my transitions are all over the shop. Quite a few people say, keep going to class whilst you have any injury to study the basic. I just couldn’t bring myself to do this as the frustration alone from having this was enough and being selfish I could see everyone progressing without me. I’m just so pleased to be back, as I thought this injury was going to be a keeper and at my tender age of 21 it could take me nearer to retirement than I want. In hindsight, I wished I had gone to a few lessons but the appetite to learn is back now. 

One thing I will say though is in the time I have been away its awesome to see how the team have progressed. Some of the guys have developed new games, bit of a shitter really as I was only just getting the hang of their old stuff. Everyone has seemed to have settled into their belts and getting a more rounded game. Some fantastic results at competition and just all round Carlson nastiness in a nice way, power to the Carlson Team, luv it, it’s like coming home to an old friend!


November 2009

Good Luck to everyone fighting @ KO2.

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October 2009

Great interview with Carlson's Simon Hayes in MMA untd. This sums up Carlson Gracie BJJ Revolution Team ethos.....

I ask him what the future holds for himself and Carlson Gracie Team London.

“I just want to support Wilson Junior in running as authentic a BJJ club as possible and to continue to grow as a fighter and teacher. In terms of the Carlson Gracie Team as a force, man, we want to go to competitions and smash people. We want to smash every single person who gets in our way. When you get on a matt and see someone from Carlson Gracie opposite you, you need to understand one thing: That person wants to smash you.”

See the full article here!   MMAUnltd

August 2009

Carlson Gracie Tonbridge have a new HQ!!!  Well nearly, it should really be our second home.  Come on Curry Friday!

Bamboo also managed to survive his own birthday celebrations without dying!

May 2009

Thanks to the Guys @ Camberley for the other Friday's training - this is from 'The Guvna'

Where have we been.....well training hard and building new Carlson Gracie Classes.  Not only did Carlsons win the Mens overall competition at the Bristol Open and the Masters and Seniors. But they then went on to win the MESTRE MAURCIO GOMES CUP at The Essex Open. 

We now have now started a new class at Keddles Gym Orpington www.keddlesgym.co.uk every Monday 8.30pm to 10pm.  Classes are being taught by Andre Pimento Carlson Gracie Brown Belt and Dave Broughton Carlson Gracie Purple Belt. Keddles is a full time martial arts gym and offers a wide variety of facilities all your martial arts needs. 

In addition to this Steve Haydock (pictured above right) we proudly announce that UK BJJ Black Belt Steve Haydock and his club Applied Fighting System's in Caterham,Surrey have joined the Carlson Team.

Steve joins Instructors Wilson Junior,Dickie Martin,Simon Hayes and Wallid Tadjouri as the club's fourth Black Belt.

Of course,Applied Fighting System's is already a Carlson Gracie Lineage club,with Steve being one of the first UK Black Belt's which he received from Professor Roberto Atalla.

We would like to thank Professor Roberto Atalla for giving his blessing to this new,and exciting partnership.

Steve and A.F.S. have done a superb job over many years producing some of the U.K.'s most formidable grapplers.

So thats whats been going on, but it wont stop there as the Revolution is gathering force! A massive OSSS to all the team! See you all @ The Grapplers Showdown.


As an aside, found these photos for Bamboo OSSS!

Bamboo after his first go at Base Jumping!

Bamboo's Fan Club


18th Jan 2009 - Wilson Junior awarded Warren Berry his Blue Belt

Check out the pictures of Ryans first lesson at Carlsons Tonbridge.  Hosted by Connect Kent, Kent's newest Social/Business Website:  

Carlsons on Connect Kent

Feel free to register, bog and contribute to the Carlson's page.

Back to training for 2009 and to kick start this year we are being joined Ryan Beauregard, 2008 World BJJ Lightweight Champion.  Ryan trains under Demetrius Ramos at Tucson BJJ, USA.  Ryan will be teaching at Tonbridge from Friday 16th January for one week. In addition to this we shall be holding a seminar on the 21st January 2009.  

Make sure you get to train with Ryan and support his seminar. 

Look forward to seeing you there. OSSS!


AFS join Carlson Gracie Revolution Team. We have great pleasure in announcing that Steve Haydock's Applied Fight Systems team has now joined the Carlson Gracie BJJ Revolution.  AFS's pedigree is simply awsome and only adds to strength to the Revolution Team. OSSS.


Some of the Tonbridge boys made the annual pilgrimage to London this month.  A good day for both London & Tonbridge.  Tonbridge now have three Purple Belts with Dave Broughton, Rob Dawes & Simon "Rambo" Roberts being awarded their belts by Wilson Junior.  Other belts from Tonbridge include Russ Hellboy Grant, Doug Creed, Yaron & Dave "Judo" Smith all awarded their Blues!

In addition to this Wilson also awarded the Barny with his Brown Belt, Murali, Capetown Paul, Wobbly Bob their Purples. Blues were also awarded to Chinese Ben Leglock Mike & Scott.

A massive OSSS to all those who attended.


We managed to pull of the single largest BJJ Competition in the UK over one day.  Nearly 500 people competed over the course of the day with Carlsons taking a landslide victory.  A massive thanks to all those who were part of the KENT OPEN 2008. OSSS

Full results are on:  www.kentbjjopen.co.uk


22nd August 2008

Carlson's Curry Friday tonight, 7pm to 9pm open mat session so Gi, NOGI, MMA or just Curry.  Tonight we celebrate Dom "Gracie" Steer's 1 year anniversary since his stroke! Dom is our oldest most experienced Blue Belt and continues to train like the warrior he is. A massive OSSS from your Carlson Brothers!

Well yes I do need to apologise for the lack of news, its not that there hasn't been any its just that I have been tied up with work things, boring I know but unfortunately it pays the bills!!

Anyways where did we get to.....three more blue belts Skater Boy aka "Adam Bravo", Steve Hazel & Mr Polish Patrick.  Loads of medals at Seni & the Brighton grab a granny, whoops Grab & Pull, a fantastic laid back event, big shout to Gus & his team, hope to see you all @ The Kent Open.

On that subject, things are hotting up all getting very exciting, more news to follow shortly.

Skater Boy with his new Blue belt - check this cagewarriors post out: Bendy Adam


Steve Hazel Gets his Blue Belt.

The Tonbridge 2008 Seni Team with medals.

Guvna and the legend Papa Smurf www.kalizeera.com

Muttley's Carlson Gracie Magic Tour Bus


Carlsons Tonbridge start an extra class per week this Friday, 7th March. Aka "Calsons Curry Friday" class will be 7pm - 9pm at the Angel Centre, Tonbridge. The format will be more workshop orientated including all the usual supects, drilling, technique & sparring.  Good BJJ followed by good Curry!


27th February 2008 - Wilson Junior awards Laurie "Kimura" Dodson & Paul "the Guvna" Broughton their Blue Belts at Carlsons Tonbridge.  A great night with over 30 people on the mats sparring & of course the traditional belt whipping!!!

PS. I can vouch that Paul did eventually hand the knickers & tights back to "lost & found" at reception.  OSSSSS.



Carlsons took third place in the 2008 Pedro Bessa Bristol Open this weekend.  1st Place - Pedro Bessa BJJ, 2nd Place Roger Gracie Academy.  The Carlson Revolution Team from Tonbridge & London put up a great performance and took the following medals.

White Feather - Silver - Adam Watts

White Medium Heavy - Gold - Stuart Barclay

                   - Silver - Ian Stuartson

                   - Bronze - Paul "The Guvna" Broughton

White Super Super Heavy - Gold - Marlin Tybura

White Absolut - Bronze - Paul "The Guvna" Broughton

Blue Middleweight   - Silver - Nisar Shaikh

                    - Bronze - Dario Bacci

Blue Super Heavyweight - Gold - Tomasz

Purple Middleweight - Gold - Barnaby Gorton

Jamil Sorouji from AFS won the Purple medium heavyweight section.

Some great wins from Dave "Bamboo" Potter, Dougy & Nick.  In true Carlson Tonbridge style the team went on to do the traditional after comp curry.  OSS!

Let me know if I missed anyone.

Oh Congrats to Dave Broughton on getting his Judo Green belt!


What a great weekend, some great results for the Carlson Gracie BJJ Revolution Team. Massive congratulations to Dickie Martin with his Gold Medal win in the Brown Belt Category. Keith Casson managed to win both a Bronze in the Senior II Blue Belt Open Class & also a Silver in the Senior II Heavyweight Blue category.

The “Broughton Brothers” had some awesome fights with some great wins against some very highly ranked players.

Laurie Dodson, fought hard in the white belt heavyweight section, a great performance, as did Little Dave Potter with his “arm of steel“. Dave attempted two great escapes from the arm bar but the referee called the fight before risking injury!

Berenice Gold took Bronze in the heavyweight white belt section.

Oh, & I got Gold in the Senior II Blue Super Heavy Weight Section (default) & went on to fight with Nisar for GB in the Heavyweight Team Event against our Hungarian Brothers.

Carlson Gracie Revolution Team London & Hungary also took some serious medals. 

Carlson Gracie OSS


We have started this year as we mean to go on, with Carlson's London providing us with another Top Carlson Gracie BJJ Revolution Team Black Belt Seminar.  This Wednesday, 9th Jan, Demetrius Ramos hosted a fantastic, technical & simply awesome seminar providing something new for everyone's BJJ Game.  Big Thanks to Demetrius for taking the time to come to Tonbridge. Thanks to all those who attended, what a "kick start" to new year.  OSS.


December has been good so far, with our first Carlson Interclub Competition at the Boiler Room, Hammersmith.  Carlson's hosted a number of MMA, Thai, Gi & No Gi competitions between the clubs.  A fantastic performance from both clubs with some stunning take downs, submissions and good all round fights. Some great results for Tonbridge & London both. 

Congrats to Scottish Brian on the Purple belt and to the new Blue belts awarded by Wilson Junior.

Now the preparation starts for the Europeans, look out Portugal here cometh the Carlson Gracie Revolution Team.


Walid from Carlson's London took the Copa by storm in his first competitve outing as a brown belt.  Dave Broughton fights in the Hungarian Open this month and the rest of the crew start preparing for the Europeans.  Here's one of Walid's fights.  OSS


New Belts at Applied Fight Systems, Caterham!

Saturday 6th October saw Roberto Atalla award his first UK Black Belt to Steve Haydock & Purple Belts to Jamil Sorougi, Dave Pawan & Matt.  Congratulations, all well deserved. 

For the full story log onto the Carlson Gracie Blog www.carlsongracietonbridge.co.uk


Carlsons attended the European Fight Network Southern Open in Reading on Sunday, 30th September.  In all we had a wicked day with the team, including representation from our Hungarian & London Carlson Gracie Brothers.  Team Carlson Gracie picked up some serious medals including three Gold, two Silvers & two Bronze.  Congratulations to all, win or lose thanks for being part of the team.  Big shouts go out to all who fought & supported us on the day, but a massive Carlson Gracie OSS to Lucky "arm of steel" Kooner & Patrick Zimmerman for some impressive first competition fights.  Laurie "Kimura" Dodson for whooping the White Heavyweight Division (Gold Medal) & Dave "Knee on Stomach til you scream" Broughton (Gold Medal).  Berenice Gold (Silver) for giving us an wicked performance.  Thanks to Dickie Martin for the Coaching & Dom & Neal for the continued support. Oh, and thanks Guvna for the endless supply of Chilli Peanuts, which I now regret eating. Finally, nice one to Colin Penn on his Gold.  "CARLSON GRACIE OSS".

Also, not to be forgotten, Nick Langstaff aka Gorbi gave a wicked performance in his first blue belt fight. OSS

Southern Open 2007 Medal Winners

Laurie Dodson - Heavyweight White Belt - Gold

Tamas Istvan - Super Heavyweight White Belt - Silver

Janos aka "the dumper truck" Feher - Super Duper Heavyweight White Belt - Gold

Berenice Gold - Womens White Belt - Silver

David Broughton - Lightweight Blue Belt - Gold

Michael Bailey (Muttley) Heavyweight Blue Belt - Bronze

Gabor Fodor - Super Heavyweight Purple Belt - Bronze

A few pictures taken by Lucky!

The Carlson Gracie BJJ Revolution Team - Southern Open 2007

Fodor with the Super Heavyweight Purple Belt monsters & yes Fodor competes @ heavyweight but was put up to the super heavyweight as there were no other opponents his weight!

Dave Broughton with his bling!

Berenice Gold & Sasha Hook - Pedro Bessa Torbay BJJ

Muttley with his bronze!

All the Carlson Gracie Team wish Dom Steer a speedy recovery.  With the power of the Punky Penguin you'll be tapping us out again in no time!  Get well mate. OSS.


Also at the Bristol Open on her first outing for Carlson Gracie Tonbridge Berenice Gold managed to take the Bronze in the Womens White belt "not so heavyweight" Division.  Sorry for the delay in posting B, but I had to find a pic for the site, enjoy OSS.


Congratulations to both Fodor & Janos from Mihaly Sztraka Carlson Gracie Team Hungary who both won Gold Medals at the Pedro Bessa Bristol Open "Summer Leg" BJJ Competition.  Fodor won gold in the Purple Heavyweight division & Janos Gold in the Super Super Duper Heavyweight White belt division for the second year running.

A great weekend was had by all, it was a pleasure to entertain & train with two great BJJ Players. "Carlson Graice Punky Penguin OSS"

JULY 2007

Last Sunday The Bolier Room hosted the Rodrigo Medeiros Seminar. Just under four hours of quality tutition.  A great seminar from the Carlson Gracie BJJ Revolution Team.

Congratulations to Nathan Davy on his Gold Medal win in the 98kg Novice category at the ADCC UK Nationals in Reading. 

JUNE 2007

Walid Tadjouri gets awarded his Brown Belt @ 302 BJJ Revolution London from Wilson Junior. 42 people attended this session @ Hammersmith!

Dominic Steer & Nick Langstaff (aka Gorbi) get awarded their Blue Belts by Wilson Junior.

MAY 2007

We had our first outing as the new 302 BJJ Revolution Team (Tonbrigde) at SENI 07, the European Fight Network Competition.  The Gracie Invitational is billed as being one of the largest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competitions in Europe with over 600 people competing at all belt levels.

302 Tonbrigde took a 8 man team to compete in both the white & blue belt sections. Overall the team took home 4 Bronze medals in the individuals & 1 joint Gold in the Team events.

Big thanks to Dickie Martin, Simon Hayes & Mihaly Sztraka for the great coaching.  Also great result for 302 Team Hungary taking some serious medals.

November 2010